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The process.

The Faceless Orchestra is mainly a solo project consisting of a wide array of electronic and acoustic instruments. While most of the music focuses on short and stripped down electronic based songs, T.F.O. believes in pushing the boundaries of song structure by always exploring new ideas.  

Are You Still Alive?


Are You Still Alive? was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered at Broken Levee Records in Friendswood, Tx. Sound-wise this album is a drastic departure from the previous release. Although going new directions sonically, the approach to song writing stayed the same but with less programming. Most of the songs on this album started out as improvised playing on an acoustic drum kit. The other layers of sound were built around the beat until it became something cohesive. In trying to keep an organic feel of each take, the overuse of computer manipulation was purposely avoided.

Are You Still Alive? was digitally released 4/30/2013 on T.F.O’s own label Broken Levee Records.

New music soon

The Faceless Orchestra is currently working on releasing album number 3 and the follow up to Are You Still Alive?



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